Norm’s Bargain Barn has a professional staff that can do much more for you than your local box store.  Here’s some commonly asked questions and answers:

Q:  What should I do about my old double entry door that leaks air and water?

A:  Norm can custom build a more energy efficient single door with two matching sidelights that will fit into the same opening.


Q:  I currently have a plain steel entry door with clear glass. Can I change the glass?

A:  Most steel doors have standard glass cut-outs. Norm can replace your clear glass with beautiful decorative glass at a fraction of the price of a new door.  Think of it as a face lift for your steel door.


Q:  How can I replace my leaky door in the basement that’s too short to replace with a new steel door?

A:  Norm has his own door shop that can cut down a new steel door (up to 8”). Odd size wall thickness is no problem for Norm either.


Q:  Does Norm’s carry solid core slabs?

A:  Norm has solid core slabs available. Bring in your old door, and Norm can cut and prep it for hinges and a lock in his shop. All you have to do is hang the door.


Q:  I want my new door to be painted, but I don’t want to paint it myself. Do I have to hire a painter?

A:  Norm can paint your steel door in his spray booths so you’ll have a professionally finished door with no brushstrokes.


Q:  How can I convert my screened-in porch to a room I can use year-round?

A:  Bring in your dimensions and Norm can order vinyl slider windows to fill openings or save money by re-framing openings for stock sliders in inventory.


Q:  My husband goes fishing, golfing or hunting every weekend and says he’s too busy to put in replacement windows!

A:  Norm can arrange to have one of his installation crews professionally install replacement windows and/or doors.


Q:  Bricklayers are coming next week and the front door still hasn’t been ordered. Do I have to settle for a plain entry door?

A:  Norm has a variety of decorative glass, steel, fiberglass, oak and mahogany entry doors with sidelights already painted or stained and ready to install.


Q:  Is Norm’s a place I can take my kids?

A:  Bring the kids to see Norm’s Clydesdales and they’ll be dragging you to shop at Norm’s.


Q:  My wife spends all of my money on shoes leaving no money for replacing windows.

A:  Sorry – Norm can’t help you there!


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